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Our Management

Our Management

Our Management at racy fashion

We started manufacturing standard garment accessories with brand new imported and computerized machineries, skilled production, and professional management authorities, friendly and committed working environment with a view to represent the country as a top class accessories manufacturer that works internationally.


Commencing from humble beginnings, Racy Fashion & Packaging Ind. Ltd. is only established and regulated under the governance of its one and only owner Chairman & Managing Director Mr. K.M. Nurul Afsar Faruque. He is the only constructor of all kind of strategic plan which is implemented by the executive board of the company. The plans and decisions taken by the Managing director are then delegated to the respective concerned departments of each business unit and business function for full implementation.

THE EXECUTIVE BOARD: at racy fashion

The executive board is consist of consequently by Mr. Md. Kamal Afsar Julfiquer, the Director of production, secondly the Saiful Islam - Director of Marketing and finally Mr. K.M.A.Al-Masum Head of HR & Compliance.

The Executive Board constructs and facilitates strategic decisions regarding the company’s current and future action plans. It is a think tank where the decisions are reviewed and assessments are made on budget assumptions, Workers’ welfare issues, Meeting Buyers demand, HR and compliance related issues, production, planning, Cost management etc. The board identifies the main challenges and discovers measures to resolve them, they develop new ideas to streamline management and suggest improvements and enhancement for the company.


Chairman & Managing Director

I feel very enthusiastic about the prospects of Racy Fashion! We have an industry leading portfolio of brands across all price points -bridge-to-luxury brands like Inditex, PUMA.

Director Marketing

One of my top responsibilities is managing the marketing budget, Everyday a team member comes to me with ideas that cost

Director Production

As being a strategic planner my goal is to making sure that the goods and services are produced safely, cost-effectively and

Head Of HR & Compliance

At Racy Fashion, I believe in ensuring the employees and teams are in place to address compliance issues. My